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Free Agent Tracker — 2013

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Player Position Team Type Years Amount
James Anderson SG Hawks U 1 $0.854MM
Keith Benson C Hawks U 1 $0.762MM
Damion James SF Hawks U 1 $0.854MM
Carldell Johnson PG Hawks U 1 $0.762MM
Ivan Johnson PF Hawks R 1 $0.962MM
Isma'il Muhammad SF Hawks U 1 $0.474MM
DeShawn Stevenson SG / SF Hawks U 3 $6.721MM
Anthony Tolliver PF Hawks U 1 $0.916MM
Lou Williams PG / SG Hawks U 3 $15.675MM
  • Total Contract Year(s): 13
  • Total Contract Amount: $27.981MM


Indicates that the contract is a summer contract.